Friday, January 8, 2010


My New Year's Resolution, besides the usual to lose weight, exercise more, donate more time & money & the big one: promote world peace; is to write about each birth, which is probably the only one I can accomplish!
And so to start the New Year off - of course there was a New Year's Day baby, but fortunately it was a lovely primip mother. She had been having contractions for several days; annoying, painful contractions every 7 to 15 minutes since Tuesday night. By New Year's Eve, she was exhausted. Her parents had come in to town, to support her & her partner through labor, and everyone was tired. When I arrived Thurs evening, she was still only 2 cm! And so we decided a little sleep would only help everyone, and it worked! In the morning, she was in a much better frame of mind, ready to get everything going. When I arrived back at her lovely 3rd floor home in Hyde Park, she was 5 cm & stretchy to 7cm, yeah! I then swept her really well, releasing prostaglandins, and she continued slowly progressing all day; however, her contractions mostly stayed around 5 minutes apart, but were still easier for her to deal with than her earlier latent labor contractions the day before. She walked, showered, & Oomed her way through contractions, eventually spontaneously ruptured her bag of waters, and pushed for 2 hours to deliver a beautiful little baby girl, 6# 6oz. We all felt like we had accomplished something! If we had been in a hospital, she would have been pitted, and probably given an epidural or a sedative drug. The whole family got to watch & participate, seeing that patience & belief in a normal labor, even a long labor, can be successful and wonderful. My new mom thought the prenatal yoga tapes helped her the most to deal with her labor. And I'm sure that a birth date of 01/01/10 must be auspicious.

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