Tuesday, September 29, 2009

First Births

It's been a while since I have written. I have had a number of wonderful births and just needed some time to work through getting busier, paperwork etc. My topic today is the first time birth.
The joy & accomplishment of the first birth is something I had forgotten. I had been thinking I would be very selective and take very few first time moms, knowing there were enough moms working on their second or more babies. and leave the first-time moms with their longer labors for hospital midwifery. But a few wonderful, persuasive moms have reminded me of the incredible strength, determination, and wonder of the first birth. My first time moms have been incredible, so centered, in working through their labor, so focused on bringing their healthy babies into the world. All of these new moms have learned to find their strength, whether they were laboring in the tub, lying on their beds, or walking in their living rooms ( or hotel rooms, in one case). The joy of these couples as they welcome their baby after their hard work, to know it actually paid off, and they are holding their crying, suckling baby! It's incredible! Different than moms bringing their second or third... they already know about the hard work, they know it will end, and they are focused on their family, introducing their toddler to the new baby etc. It's more straight forward for my moms birthing again, except sometimes they are working through or healing from issues from their first births. Now, the great news is, my first-time moms will not have any issues to work through, they are amazingly strong, powerful, smart women who know what they are capable of accomplishing. They will continue this as they raise wonderful children...and so the world changes for the better!

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