Sunday, January 17, 2010


A long-time couple of mine, finally delivered a gorgeous baby boy! While their 2 little girls were sleeping upstairs, my mom (I'll call her Frieda!) finally had a planned home waterbirth. After a previous, exciting, unplanned home birth on the bathroom floor with #2 baby, as I unknowingly, drove past the emergency vehicles on my way to supposedly meet them at West Suburban Hospital. So this time, I was there in time, and Frieda had to work a little harder to get this baby out, which is the way of third babies sometimes. Though this labor was only 2 hours long, I know Dad was happy to have some other hands there to help catch the baby and reduce the tight nuchal cord. Third babies are always interesting, I think we always compare labors to our last one. So after a long difficult first labor, sometimes we are caught off guard with how relatively easy & fast the second baby is, which leads to realizing with the third baby, that though remembering how easy #2 seemed, the reality is that birth still requires some hard work.
We, midwives, know that third births are always an unknown; that they just can be a little more difficult, but Frieda was wonderful, and just quickly rose to the challenge of working a little harder to bring her baby boy into the world. So congratulations to my family, thanks for including me in your births, we have had a lot of fun over the years.

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