Tuesday, January 26, 2010

January 17th Birth

Oops, forgot a birth! January 17th, I had a wonderful birth in Naperville. My mom had a previous history of gestational diabetes, diet-controlled. She was still following the diet, but wanted to avoid all the sugar testing. Which I was fine with, as long as her random sugar was fine, her weight gain reasonable, and she wasn't spilling sugar. Her blood pressure was borderline and as birth got closer her anxiety about birth started increasing. Not about home birth, but she had some previous history of vaginismus, and sexual abuse as a child, so her fears were mounting. But she was fantastic! She labored beautifully in the tub, breathing through her contractions,while her older daughter slept in the other room. Her partner helping her by his calm presence. With pushing, her fear surfaced again, but she pushed past it and through it with some encouraging words from all of us. And soon enough, delivered a beautiful baby boy, 9 # 2 oz, my second boy that weekend.

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