Monday, August 17, 2009


Got home around 4:30am this morning after a lovely birth of a beautiful baby boy. Their third baby, their biggest baby! A great family affair. Attending the birth besides the Dad, was baby's Grandmother & his older sister. Downstairs was his great-grandmother, his great aunt, and his older brother. Mom had previously been induced twice, so this birth was a great learning experience to trust, to believe in her own body to accomplish this act of labor. And of course it all worked beautifully, gradually increasing in intensity, until just when you think, Enough... it's over, and you get to hold your beautiful baby. And then he frowns with his brows, and purses his lips, and finally lets out a great cry, reminding us of his story, his experience through labor!
I also watch Dad caring for his partner, as she goes through this labor of love, and her mom, also helping and caring. There is such love & trust & peace in the room. Everyone trusting in the process, of a new life coming into the world. The family had recently lost a loved one, and yet I know that his presence was also there, watching the cycle of life being continued, in his own home, as grief and love blend.
After the birth of one of my babies, I was resting, breastfeeding, and I dreamed my husband's grandfather stopped in our house. He said he just wanted to see the baby before he left. I told my husband about the the dream, and of course, shortly there after, my husband's mom called to say that his grandfather had just passed away.
And so today's blog is about Trust. Trusting in own bodies to accomplish the tasks we are created to accomplish. Trusting in the cycle of life; birth, love, death. Trusting in letting go... as I get ready to take another daughter off to college. My fourth child I have had to let go of...trusting that she is ready, or maybe that I am ready...?

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