Monday, August 10, 2009


Today, I have been thinking a lot about patience. I have two multip moms ( one expecting #3 and one #2 ) who are ready to go now, and I have 1 more for the following week. My moms are learning about patience,...desiring for their labor to hurry up and get started, so it can end. They are tired of carrying the weight of baby around in their uterus, instead wanting to hold baby in their arms. They want to be patient, know they should continue to be patient, but are so ready to begin with their new baby. These moms know how hectic and tired the first few weeks of baby are, but still want labor to start now! I also learn about patience, as I wait with my moms. Who will go tonight? or tomorrow? As much as I try & plan, it is out of my hands, I will be patient and wait with them, and know it will all work out.
I attended my first sweat lodge yesterday, and again for me, the lesson was patience. To know my future, my business' future, is not possible, instead I'm reminded to stay grounded, to have trust & faith, or once again patience. One of my moms was admiring my ease with life's lessons, but I know we are all being taught lessons along the path we each travel. My prayer for my moms is patience, all lessons become easier with patience, with time comes grace and acceptance.

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