Friday, March 5, 2010

Quick, Lovely Birth

My last birth in January, after my surprise breech, was a lovely family, expecting their second baby. It's always restorative to have a nice vaginal birth after a c/section. The mom's family background was Polish, and her family was upset about her having a home birth. Even though her father had been born at home himself! My couple showed the parents all the research and explained all the preparations, and safety equipment I would bring. Her father even went on talk radio to ask about home birth safety! Anyway, her family was not present at the birth, but happy with the results! We arrived about 2-3 hours before the birth. The pool was in the process of being filled, pizza was in the kitchen, and their daughter was very excited. Mom was calm and breathing through contractions, until she was ready to get into the pool. Her husband helped support her in the tub and then she slowly pushed her baby girl out, still in the caul! Big sister was thrilled to see her little sister emerge. Now that's a beautiful birth!

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